Z-Man Chatterbait

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From its inception in a South Carolina garage, the Original ChatterBait took the US bass scene by storm and it didn't take long for Aussie anglers to switch onto this very different lure presentation and its effectiveness in Australian waters, especially when targeting cod and bass. The ZMan ChatterBait Elite is sure to take this lure to another level in Australian cod fishing circles, with its quality 5/0 Gamakatsu hook, new EZ Skirt with low-profile hub, custom head paint for precise skirt matching, moulded grub keeper designed to prevent your soft plastic trailer from sliding on the hook and a strengthened head-to-blade connection.

When you feel the ChatterBait working and see it in the water, it's not surprising that fish feel the need to investigate this presentation. It combines the erratic action of a hard body, profile of a skirted jig and flash and vibration of a spinnerbait into one deadly lure presentation, with a unique action and noise. Slow roll, burn and kill or hop it and pause it, they all work, and the blade assists in reducing snagging when fishing heavier cover. If you currently fish ChatterBaits, make sure you check out this upgraded version and for those that haven't seen a ChatterBait in the water, you're missing out. With its upgraded hardware we are also tipping that switched on saltwater anglers will soon have these hanging out of the mouths of barra, jacks, pelagic species and a mixed bag of reefies. Fish on!