Rapala X-Rap Magnum Divebait

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Product Features

  • Depth Specific Diving Lip
  • Models with Colored Lip for Extra Attraction
  • Textured Translucent Body
  • Internal Holographic Foil
  • 3D Holographic Eyes
  • VMC® 4X Perma Steel® Hooks
  • 3X Split Rings
  • Big Water Patterns

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Spec Chart

Model XRMAG10
Running Depth 3 m
Body Length 11 cm
Weight 22 g
Treble Hooks Two No. 2
Model XRMAG15
Running Depth 4.5 m
Body Length 12 cm
Weight 32 g
Treble Hooks Two No. 1/0
Model XRMAG20
Running Depth 6 m
Body Length 14 cm
Weight 46 g
Treble Hooks Two No. 2/0
Model XRMAG30
Running Depth 9 m
Body Length 16 cm
Weight 72 g
Treble Hooks Two No. 4/0
Model XRMAG40
Running Depth 12 m
Body Length 18 cm
Weight 97 g
Treble Hooks Two No. 5/0