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3 years in development! A truly unique Australian designed lifelike slim stick bait that will slay big pelagics on the bluewater, and bucket-mouthed barra and flathead on the backwater estuary and impoundments. Built to last with full through wire construction and quality BKK hardware the “UltraGar 150” comes in 3 models:
Floating. Comes standard ready to fish with BKK trebles front and back for all blue water pelagics and big impoundment Barra! Weight: 28 grams
Sinking. Comes standard with a rear single hook for maximum holding power and the ability to sink with a shimmy to entice the bite! Weight: 35 grams.
FLATHEAD TOPWATER MODEL! Yes, a dedicated Flathead topwater model! This model is slow floating, comes with lighter gauge BKK Superslides to achieve a better hookup rate. Lure can be worked down to around 300mm with a shimmy on the rise. Pops a fine mist when twitched to replicate wounded prey. Weight: 29 grams.
The UltraGar is best fished with swift walk the dog style retrieve to achieve a darting skipping action or twitch and pause.