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The Prey Minnow is the first soft bait released in our new X-Tough 12X material, developed to withstand the bites of the oceans toothiest predators. The X-Tough material is buoyant, super tough, and resistant to sliding down the jig head, which means more time fighting fish and less time changing lures. The design brief for the Prey Minnow was to create a super realistic fleeing baitfish profile. The result is a slick, streamlined, natural presentation that we believe will become our most versatile lure. Available in 4 sizes and 6 colours to cover an array of situations and species, from fresh water creeks and lakes through to the salt, estuaries, rivers, bays, inshore and offshore. A few twitches of the rod tip has the tail flicking and the lure darting from side to side like a frantic baitfish and the predators hunting it down.