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One of the most unique designs for a casting lure you will ever use. The maverick can be worked at least 4 different ways to entice a bite. It is a combination of a popper and floating stickbait. The Design has been perfected over years of testing to create one of the most "fun" lures that you'll ever use! The cupped head and air chambers going through to the underside of the body have been designed to force bubbles along the side of the body, where they hug the sides of the lure creating a unique rolling swimming action.

It can be worked in a ‘walk the dog’ style, as a swimming stickbait with a wild action, as a popper, or fast across the surface with an erratic action. The sinking 230 is ideal for trolling for kingfish, wahoo and tuna at up to 9kn while the floating 230 option is perfect for casting at kingfish, tuna and GTs. 

The smaller 68mm-140mm sizes are simply deadly on Freshwater, Estuary, inshore and smaller offshore species.