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The DTX Minnow range represents the pinnacle of Saltwater Trolling Minnows in the 85-200 size, and has set new standards for Casting and trolling minnows for Inshore and Estuary Species. They simply dive deeper than any other minnow and always run straight, whether casting at snags, trolling super slow from a kayak, or trolling offshore for Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo or Yellowfin. 

They feature Technology such as our Patented Autotune system to ensure they always swim straighter, faster and deeper than any other trolling lure. The also have features such as our Gorilla Through Wire system, Hydrospeed Belly Eyelet and Diamond Armour internal construction.

Whether you cast or troll deep diving minnows in Rivers, Lakes, Inshore, or Offshore, there is simply no better deep diving minnow available.