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The range of double sided lure trays from Moncross allow you to secure your hard bodied lures without the worry of them tangling, while also making it quick and easy to locate the lure that you?re looking for thanks to the clear lids. They are also ideal for storing squid jigs.

This double sided box holds 13 lures up to 130mm in length and features deeper compartments to cater for upgraded trebles.
It is constructed from heavy duty PC and PP material for higher and lower temperature endurance, along with high impact resistance and features clear lids to make it easier to locate your favourite lures.

Available in Smoke Black (B) (Clear lids)
220 x 137 x 53.5mm

Smoke Black - MEG-130B-B


Deeper boxes feature deeper compartments for storing bulky lures and other larger items. The 195DB allows you to mix-and-match up to 3 compartments with 4 dividers.

It is constructed from ABS and PP material for high impact resistance and higher and lower temperature endurance, along with a clear lid.

Available in Clear (C)
202 x 129 x 60mm

Clear - MMC-195DB-C


Up to 7 compartments with 8 dividers.
Available in Black (B) only.
230 x 115 x 40.5mm / ZMan OK / Holds ZMan plastics up to 4" / 8" (Sideways).
Excellent large jighead tray.

Black - MMC-224B


This larger deeper box is perfect for larger lures and other bulky items.
It has the versatility of 7 dividers that allow up to 6 compartments.
Available in Clear (C)
252 x 172 x 61mm

Clear - MMC-245DB-C


Increased storage and greater flexibility in tackle management, the Allround Box allows you to mix-and-match up to 20 compartments with 16 dividers.

As with the deeper boxes it is constructed from durable ABS and PP material, with a clear lid to locate your tackle easily.

Available in Clear (C)
284 x 193 x 50.5mm

Clear - MMC-276-C


Unclip the latch and the Props Case hinges open in the centre to reveal two separate sides with a total of 13 various size compartments with 5 separate lids. An awesome session box and one for the gadget and tech nuts.

187 x 104 x 47.1mm

Available in Clear


This version of the Walker Box offers 2 EVA foam inserts that can be used one on each side for flies, jigheads or lures. Alternatively run EVA on one side and up to 15 compartments with 14 dividers on the other side for flies, jigheads or lures. Greater flexibility in tackle management.
Available in Clear (C)
183 x 94 x 41mm / ZMan OK

Clear - MMC-176MWE-C