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The new Molix Glide Bait 178 is a 178mm, 3oz, slow sinking jointed hardbody glide bait, designed in collaboration with Carl Jocumsen. 

Already a big fish producing bait, with plenty of Australian species already being caught, including Murray Cod, Barra and big Flathead. This lure will go toe to toe with any other brand on the market with its unique action and profile.

Featuring a number of key points that separate it from the others. These include, 360 degree rotating swivel points where your hooks attach, which minimises the chance of losing fish dramatically. They can’t bend or throw hooks on the jump or headshake. The sink rate is slow with a slight nose down posture. If you want to fish it deeper, you can add weight or small ball sinker in the loop knot, and it doesn’t change the action of the lure in any way. The fins and tail are soft and realistic and the front end comes with 3D custom eyes.

Working the lures with a low roll will see this bait look like a real fish swimming back with a nice subtle action. Sweep and pause the lure and you’ll see it do a full 180 on itself. Once you tie the Molix Glide 178 on you won’t take it off. It will hunt out the big fish.


Lenght: 178mm

Weight: 3oz

Type: Slow Sink