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he Loco Perrito is a 65mm topwater lure from Pontoon 21 that sits tail down when stationary. It performs the walk the dog action effortlessly and attracts a wide range of species ranging from Bream, Bass to Mangrove Jacks.

It's hidden secret is the original SCT – balancer system (Step Counter Type Balancer) , during retrieving the ball constantly moves from left to right inside the cylinder located in the head of lure, changing the position of lure's center of gravity as well as direction the lure turns and follows.

Thanks to the body design the water resistance is small, and Loco Perro moves free and turns easy creating bubble sounds in addition to the klicks the inside ball generates when touching the ends of inside metal cylinder.

Armed with super sharp 2x strong Owner hooks, the Loco Perrito is a must have this summer. It comes in 6 colours, including their tournament winning Tiger Prawn Colours .

weight - 9.2 grams Length - 65mm  Surface Lure