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The flash minnow 65 is a tournament winning lure for a lot of anglers Australia wide.

The 2 main species this lure is used for is bream and trout. It has a classic “minnow look” being a slim narrow body allowing it to cut through the water when its ripped and twitched. On the pause the lure suspends, hanging in the face of fish making it irresistible for them to pass up.

The built-in weight moving system allows for long casts across the flats or in the rivers for spooky, switched on fish, giving your lure time in the water. With its life like appearance, and huge colour range, (the biggest in any lucky craft range) you can see why the flash minnow 65 is the ultimate shallow water fish dominator and the number one flats lure on the market.


65mm (3.8g Dives 1ft) Suspending