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All Pontoon21 lures are very stable in all kinds of water conditions but the CrackJack stands out from the crowd. The CrackJack is engineered to allow control of its action by anglers of all experience levels.

With the slightest of rod movements it soon becomes clear just how much control one can have in all aspects the lures action and the suspending configuration keeps it in the strike zone.Incorporating the Pontoon21 MFB (Magnetic Force Balance) system and the aerodynamic body design the CrackJack is able to achieve great casting distances and even better accuracy.

The MFB system works by a small internal ball moving to the tail of the lure when cast, allowing for maximum distance. Once the lure lands, the ball returns to the magnet at the head of the lure creating a perfectly balanced presentation.

Equipped with Owner treble hooks and currently available in 8 great colour patterns this suspending lure will account for a wide range of species in fresh, salt and estuary waters.

Specs 58SP DR Crackjack 

weight 5.7 grams  Depth - 2.3 - 2.5 metres Suspending