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Considered by enthusiasts to be one of the best lures from the Pontoon 21 stables, the Cablista is an extremely versatile jerk bait. Featuring two tungsten moving balls (TMB system) that enable both effortlessly long casting and an erratic action when ripped, twitched, pumped and paused. Once twitched, the free moving tungsten balls of the Cablista will slide to either the head or tail of the lure, causing a nose down or tail down presentation on the pause. On the slow roll, the Cablista will exhibit a constant rolling action along with a delicate wobble. This lure has been carefully designed to provoke determined strikes from most predatory species. At 75mm in size, this lure is equally at home in both estuarine and freshwater applications and will be ideal for bass, bream, estuary perch and bass.



  • All models are equipped with hooks Owner
  • Balancing System Tungsten Moving Balls

 Cablista 75SP SMR  Length: 75 mm,  weight:4.6 g,  Floating (F), depth: 0.7-1.0m