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Pro Lure was determined to develop a Lure that would become the ultimate go to lure for targeting Mulloway. A lure that will catch Mulloway consistently has become a Holy Grail for lure designers. We wanted to produce a lure that we could, not only use to draw out stationary fish from structure, but also allow the angler to work larger areas, more swiftly, where fish might be actively moving and feeding. We wanted a lure that would be highly visible in the dirty run off water, as this is where we like to target fish feeding on the bait that is being pushed down river following rain. All objectives for the Fishtail have been achieved. We now have the go to Mulloway lure- It’s the Pro Lure Fishtail. The Pro Lure Fishtail is a must for all serious Mulloway anglers and, for all those who target deep estuarine predators.